African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates: Top 10

Africa is rapidly evolving in the digital landscape, with many nations making significant steps in expanding internet access. While challenges like infrastructure, regulatory hurdles, and socio-economic factors persist, some African countries offer notably affordable internet rates, making connectivity more accessible to their populations. Here’s a look at the top 10 African countries with the lowest internet rates as of 2024.

Here are 10 African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates

1. Egypt

Egypt consistently ranks among the African nations with the most affordable internet rates. With a thriving telecommunications sector and substantial government investment in digital infrastructure, the average cost for a gigabyte of data in Egypt is around $0.43. Cairo, Alexandria, and other major cities benefit from widespread 4G and fiber-optic networks, making the internet accessible and affordable for both urban and rural residents.

Egypt is the first African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates

2. Sudan

Sudan offers one of the lowest internet costs on the continent, with an average price of $0.49 per gigabyte. Despite facing economic challenges and political instability, Sudan’s internet service providers (ISPs) have managed to keep rates low. This affordability has been crucial in maintaining connectivity for educational and business purposes, especially during challenging times.

Sudan is the second African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates

3. Tanzania

Tanzania is another African country where internet affordability stands out. The average cost for a gigabyte of data is approximately $0.60. The Tanzanian government’s push for digital inclusivity and the presence of multiple competitive Internet Service Providers contribute to these low rates. The country’s major cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha benefit from extensive 4G coverage.

4. Kenya

Kenya, often dubbed the Silicon Savannah, is renowned for its robust digital economy. The average price of a gigabyte of data in Kenya is about $0.70. With a competitive telecom market and significant investments in ICT infrastructure, including undersea fiber-optic cables, internet services in Kenya are both reliable and affordable. Mobile money services like M-Pesa also facilitate easier access to digital services across the country.

5. Morocco

Morocco boasts some of the most affordable internet rates in North Africa, with the average cost of a gigabyte of data around $0.74. The Moroccan government’s Vision 2030 plan includes extensive efforts to expand broadband access and reduce internet costs, making the digital world accessible to a broader population.

6. Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, offers relatively low internet costs, with the average price of a gigabyte of data at about $0.88. With a competitive telecommunications market and a high demand for digital services, ISPs in Nigeria strive to keep prices low. Major urban centers like Lagos and Abuja enjoy robust internet connectivity, driving economic activities and digital innovation.

7. Rwanda

Rwanda is a rising star in Africa’s digital scene, known for its strong focus on ICT development. The average cost for a gigabyte of data in Rwanda is around $0.91. The Rwandan government’s Vision 2020 and subsequent digital initiatives have fostered a conducive environment for affordable internet, contributing to the country’s ambitions of becoming a regional technology hub.

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Rwanda is the third African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates

8. Ghana

Ghana offers some of the lowest internet rates in West Africa, with an average price of $0.94 per gigabyte. With a vibrant telecom sector and government policies promoting digital inclusion, internet services in Ghana are both accessible and cost-effective. The country’s major cities, including Accra and Kumasi, benefit from widespread mobile and broadband internet services.

9. Libya

Despite facing significant political and economic challenges, Libya has managed to maintain relatively low internet costs. The average price of a gigabyte of data in Libya is about $0.99. The country’s ISPs provide affordable services, ensuring that connectivity remains within reach for many Libyans, even in times of instability.

10. Tunisia

Tunisia rounds out the list with an average cost of $1.01 per gigabyte. Known for its robust ICT infrastructure and a thriving start-up ecosystem, Tunisia’s affordable internet rates are a result of strong competition among Internet Service Providers and government efforts to promote digital inclusion. Major cities like Tunis and Sfax benefit from extensive internet coverage and competitive pricing.

Tunisia is the 10th African Countries with Lowest Internet Rates


The affordability of internet in these countries is a crucial factor in their ongoing digital transformation. While challenges remain, particularly in rural and underserved areas, the low cost of data is a positive indicator for future growth. As these nations continue to invest in their ICT sectors and expand connectivity, the dream of a digitally inclusive Africa becomes increasingly attainable.—The above rates are subject to change as new developments in infrastructure and policy occur. Continued investment and innovation in the telecommunications sector are key to maintaining and improving internet affordability across Africa.

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